13806 ª January 14 5:26 AM. It’s the music *you* love but everyone you know hates it… It’s the band you love. You’ve played them to all your friends. All your friends hate them (don’t they see? haven’t they got ears? can’t

they hear?) You’ve tried the old “no – really just *listen* to them…honestly they *are* great – can’t you even see yet?” ploy… But you can’t make anyone understand and everyone you know still hates them. This is my one. (mp3’s available) What’s yours?

(nb. i know most of you are going to hate this band, so it would

be pointless to post replies of the “this band are sh*t nature) [MetaFilter]

Lately, I just can’t get enough of Thione Seck, a Senegalese singer. He’s one of that country’s “big three” entertainers. The other two, Youssou N’dour and Baaba Maal are well-known internationally, but Thione doesn’t have an international recording contract. He performs almost every night in his Dakar nightclub.

Like the others, he has a powerful, soaring voice. His music is said to be deeply philosophical, although I don’t understand Wolof, so I can’t decypher his lyrics. His rhythms are infectious and his voice soars over the rhythmic chaos. The Motown-inspired horn section heard in many of his songs would sound familiar to most Americans.

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