Steve Jobs And The Oh-So-Cool

Steve Jobs And The Oh-So-Cool iMac [Slashdot]

Gates understands something Jobs and media don’t. When it comes to technology, it’s middle-class consumers and their tastes, needs and expectations that determine success or failure. This is a hard lesson for many hackers and programmers too, who remain bewildered that superior systems like Linux aren’t on every desktop. But the middle class, for years abused and exploited by the arrogant tech industry (just think of what poor Comcast subscribers have been going through for weeks now), wants easy of use, safety, utility. Just consider at the telephone, the automobile, or for that matter, Wal-Mart. Apple has demonstrated for years, and so, to some degree, has Linux. Harry and Martha in Dubuque decide which products will enter the mainstream and last, not college kids editing movies or downloading music and DVDs, or using firewire ports to fiddle with video clips.

. It’s price. Apple always had the reputation of being expensive, even if it wasn’t always true. People rejected Macs because of the perception that they cost more than PCs.

Even just considering initial purchase price, rather than total cost of ownerships, Macs haven’t been more expensive than PCs for many years. Unfortunately old perceptions never die.

The truth is, Macs aren’t only about video, multimedia production, music, and other creative pursuits. Macs perform mainstream tasks like word processing and email just as well as PCs. Mac software runs more smoothly and has fewer problems than PC software.

Apple has this page to attempt to debunk some of the myths.

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