there's a good coverage of

there’s a good coverage of the freedom fighters of the digital world in the la times .: [ via slashdot ]

In a soft voice, the computer scientist explains what is troubling him: the scarcity of news surrounding all those people, then numbering about 500, who have been rounded up in the terrorism investigation. Who are they? Why are they being held? Does anybody know anything? “Who’s representing these people and trying to get them out?”

The panelists’ silence leaves Gilmore exasperated.

“Are all the civil rights organizations afraid to step up to defend potential terrorists?”

Say this about the leaders of the Electronic Frontier Foundation: They are not afraid to speak their minds. They are not afraid to push back.

the electronic frontier foundation (eff) is our vanguard. in more ways than one. they are buying us the time to form the friggin’ army. without them we don’t have a chance.

give them your support. end your apathy. help us build a free world.

[tav explores radio]

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