"Copy protected CDs not CDs"

“Copy protected CDs not CDs” – Philips. Philips co-inventors of the Compact Disc and custodian of its standards reckon that copy protected CDs are not real CDs in this story at The Register. [kuro5hin.org]

As a consumer, I believe I should have the right to listen to a CD however I want when I buy it. I almost never listen to a CD on my stereo. When I do listen to a CD, I use iTunes on my Mac. More often, I copy my favorite tracks to my iTunes library as MP3 files and I build my own playlist of whatever tunes I feel like listening to at the moment instead of listening to an entire CD. I also like to burn music mix CDs to listen to in my car (usually on an 80 minute CDR) rather than listening to the original CD. What I’m doing is not illegal, since fair use allows copies to be made for personal use. The record companies have no right to prevent that.

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