Are you considering buying a

Are you considering buying a new PDA or upgrading your current device? The Palm has been around for a while. It is a proven and efficient OS. Many, many apps have been deployed to this platform. Additionally, many hardware components have been developed as well. Palm has even introduced a new conduit that is OS X enhanced. I have been testing the Palm Desktop public beta and I like it. I am beginning to wonder, “Who needs Entourage?” [Radio X Neophyte]

A few months ago I replaced my old Palm III with a Visor Prism. I love the color screen and the USB cradle syncs a lot more reliably than my old Palm did with a Keyspan PDA Adapter.

A few times I’ve seen an error when I sync saying that it can’t access the user data file. When that happens, Palm Desktop also won’t show my data. Going to the terminal window and killing the Palm Desktop Background process fixes the problem.

I’m planning to get a Visor Phone to go along with it so I won’t have to schlep both a cell phone and my Visor wherever I go as I do now.

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