Universal has a new web

Universal has a new web site to address questions & problems related to copy protected CDs.

Some excerpts:

Why have you copy-protected the CD?

UMG is incorporating copy protection into their CDs to assess its viability in protecting the rights of our artists and copyright holders by preventing CD copying and illegal Internet distribution

Can I play this disc in my PC?

The CD will play in PCs that meet the following minimum system requirements: PC with at least Pentium¨ 133mHz or compatible processor, 32 MB RAM, CD-ROM drive, soundcard and speakers, Microsoft ¨Windows95¨, Windows98¨, Windows2000¨, Windows ME¨, Windows XP¨ or Windows NT 4 ¨ with Service Pack 4.

The CD should automatically start playing in most PCs. If it does not start playing in yours, open the CD-ROM drive’s window and click on the music player application. Once in the player you can “Play” or open the “Playlist”, choose a track and click on it.

You can provide feedback at umg@umusic.com .

Notice that they don’t mention Macintosh

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