Email from Phil Wolff:Mazel Tov!

Email from Phil Wolff:

Mazel Tov! You are hereby an honorary Jew!

This entitles you to all the yiddish you can utter, all the Jewish holidays, justification for your neuroses (if you don’t have any, we can recommend some), permission to hum tunes from Fiddler on the Roof, and a license to kvetch.

This does not, however, entitle or require you to participate in world jewish conspiracies, pogroms, holocausts, religious ceremonies, the Israeli draft, or the wealth of the Rothchilds, or your circumcision.

There are three books I’d recommend for newbies or wannabees: The Joy of Yiddish, Judaism for Dummies, and Haikus for Jews.

All the best.

– phil [Jeremiah’s Radio Weblog]

I could just plotz (I love that word :).

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