14181 ª January 26 1:12 AM. Mideast vs West. From a conservative-libertarian point of view, what’s wrong in the Muslim world, what caused 9-11, and how to fix it. Even if you don’t agree with the author’s conclusions (maybe especially if you don’t agree with the author’s conclusions) the piece is worth reading, as an exceptionally clear and forceful articulation of these ideas. Link found on Arts & Letters Daily. [MetaFilter]

Great article. Here’s a great comment:

A direct assault that could be simplified by noting that the separation of church and state is really the central issue that has made the West what it is today (recall the days of the ruler as also central religious authjority) and that has never truly taken place in most Muslim countries as yet, where Islam has a great hold over even the monarchs of say Saudi Arabia or the dictators of Syria, Pakistan et al.

When inflexible religious beliefs fly in the face of logic, we have things like abortion clinic bombings, book burnings, and Rev. Phelps’ hate site, as well as the events of 9-11.

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