High Schooler Defends Against Non-Existent

High Schooler Defends Against Non-Existent Drug Law [Plastic] On October 11, 2001, 15 year-old Joshua J. Krawiek went to his locker between classes to retrieve books from his backpack only to find that his backpack had been taken to the main office. Although no marijuana was found in his possession, Joshua was charged for possession of “drug paraphenalia,” three film canisters which he used to hold flies and hooks for fishing. In court, Joshua’s appointed attorney perjured himself, and did nothing to help Joshua with his case, so Joshua fired him. Representing himself, Josh looked up relevant law on the internet, and found that– in fact– in the state of Washington possession of drug paraphenalia is not a crime. Although Superior Court Judge Rebecca Baker eventually dismissed the case, she had this parting shot for Krawiek:

“Don’t laugh when you leave this courtroom, thinking you have beat the system because you have looked these things up yourself. We are going to get you down the road.”

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