It appears that I am

It appears that I am not the only OS X user who has opted to switch to PowerMail as my e-mail program. Applelinks has a review of PowerMail v3.1 today… [Mac Net Journal]

I tried PowerMail for a few months after I got disgusted with Eudora. I liked it enough to buy it, but after I got Office X a month later, I switched to Entourage, which I’m still using. PowerMail is very nice, but Entourage is nicer. I was using Eudora Pro for many years, but I found the OS X version much too annoying. If I have it set to automatically check mail, it will open the mailbox windows with new mail in front of whatever application I’m using. If I tell it not to open mailboxes with new mail, I usually miss any new mail.

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