Necessary Military rule: Nigeria. One

Necessary Military rule: Nigeria. One of the favorite discussions of Nigerians is about how bad things are in the country. During the last 15 years, there was always an entity to point accusing fingers at – the military government. But now, the military government is gone, and the real problems are pouring in. Prominent is the inter-tribal violence. During military rule, there were a few sporadic incidents of community violence, but nothing of the scale happening today. 10,000 people have died in such violence since an elected government took over. Ethnic groups are threatening to secede. The crime rate is soaring, and vigilante groups are springing up in various parts of the country to combat the criminals. But often, and ironically, these vigilante groups are more feared than the criminals themselves, and are often responsible for greater crimes, including dismembering captured persons, kidnapping and murdering crime suspects. Inflation is at a record high. Draconian Islamic law (Sharia) has been implemented in large parts of the mostly muslim north, which has had such ridiculous rulings as sentencing a woman to death for extra-marital sex. []

Where’s Fela when we need him? His son, Femi Kuti, although he makes great music, doesn’t seem to have the same political impact.

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