When I got my credit

When I got my credit card statement today I noticed a charge that I didn’t recognize. There was a phone number on that charge, so I called them to ask what it was.

Turns out they’re a billing company that does billing for many online services. I asked what it was and they told me it was for an adult site (which I never visited). They were very nice and removed the charge. They also blocked all future charges to my credit card to prevent any future abuse.

I watch my credit card statement very carefully since I received bogus charges from Russia & Ukraine last year. After several such charges, I had my card cancelled and a new one issued. This is the second bogus charge I’ve seen on my new card.

I’m very careful when ordering online & I always avoid (if possible) using any “1-click” ordering options or anything else which stores my credit card info on the merchant’s site. I plan to track down how my number was stolen.

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