kidnapperguy\ A WSJ reporter has

kidnapperguy\ A WSJ reporter has been taken hostage according to the BBC. The kidnappers want better treatment of the prisoners at camp X-ray and the release of Pakistani inmates. Intrestingly, the BBC article gives the email address used by the kidnappers, kidnapperguy\ Giving you a chance to flame (and/or congratulate) the kidnappers directly. A great way to get an FBI file started! []

If that isn’t a bogus address, it should be possible to locate them very easily. Hotmail isn’t very anonymous – it includes the IP address used to send the message in the headers.

Where I used to work, a former employee used hotmail to send a tasteless joke email to the entire company from his own computer. Since we used static IP addresses, it was very easy to see what computer it was sent from. Needless to say, his last day of work was cut short by several hours.

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