I have a pet peeve

I have a pet peeve with Apple computers, one that I haven’t commented on at all over the years – why in the hell do Macs all come with a single-button mouse? Sure, control-clicking gives me access to a lot of the features that a two-button mouse would offer, but I cannot think of a single reason why Apple still sticks with a one-button mouse. Are we who buy Macs not nimble-fingered enough to use a two-button mouse? Click here to send an email to the editor of this weblog. [Mac Net Journal]

Yes! For every Mac I’ve bought, the mouse has always stayed packed away in the box. Years ago I used a Kensington Thinking Mouse. Lately, I’ve used a Logitech Mouseman Wheel & a Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer. I now use a Logitech Cordless Wheel mouse.

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