14705 ª February 12 8:35 AM. Happy New Year!

Here’s my horoscope for 2002:

People born in the Year of the Dog are in for an incredible year. Work will go smoothly, your love life will blossom, and you are unlikely to suffer major illnesses.

Many dogs will find they make lots of money in 2002 through hard work and canny investments. If you work in the property market or are thinking of buying a new home, the influences of the horse will be particularly beneficial to you.

Your resourcefulness will pay off at work this year, and you will win praise from your colleagues and probably a promotion or pay rise. If you run your own business, now is the time to expand, branch out into other areas and make any tough decisions that you may have been worrying about.

The dog’s harmonious relationship with the horse means you will do well in the love stakes this year. You are sometimes stubborn and reluctant to forgive and forget, but keep an open mind and you will see someone just waiting to shower you with affection! This is the ideal time for single male dogs to get married, but females are more likely to hold out on their “master”. Those who are already married may be tempted to have an affair.

Any arguments or differences of opinion that you carry over into 2002 will gradually disappear. Dogs have a tendency to hold a grudge against people they feel have crossed them, but you should try to see that those who disagree with you do so often with the best intentions. Keep a lid on that temper and bite your tongue sometimes _ you yearn for stability in your relationships and this is best achieved by taking time to listen to the other person.

While blood and heart problems will plague those born under other signs, dogs are likely to suffer only minor ailments. Skin irritations and sports injuries are the most likely to arise, so pay attention to your diet and take care when exercising.

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