Ken Bereskin from Apple asks

Ken Bereskin from Apple asks what apps are in your Dock right now?

Thought you might be interested in the apps that I have on the Dock of my Titanium PowerBook. Here’s the current collection:

What’s on yours? [Ken Bereskin’s Radio Weblog]

Here is what is running on my Dock at the moment, from left to right (* denotes what is running):

*Finder, *PowerMail, Palm Desktop, BrainForest Professional, Fire, Adium, *Radio, Internet Explorer, OmniWeb, *Mozilla, *URL Manager Pro, iTunes, *AppleWorks, *TextEdit, *GraphicConverter, *iPhoto, BBEdit, RBrowser, VNCThing, *CopyPaste, *Terminal, Internet Connect, Disk Copy, Script Editor, Epson Printer Utility, Quicken Deluxe 98, Microsoft Word 98, Photoshop 6, System Preferences, Apps folder, Documents folder.

What do you have in your Dock today? Click here to send an email to the editor of this weblog. [Mac Net Journal]

Here’s what I have in mine:

Finder, Internet Explorer, Entourage X, ICQ, AIM, MSN Messenger, Mozilla, iTunes, QuickTime Player, System Preferences, Terminal, Palm Desktop, Radio UserLand, DragThing, BBEdit, CodeWarrior IDE, Favorites Folder

I keep the dock on the right side of my screen, where it takes up less usable space and doesn’t get in the way.

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