Yahoo marketing changes miff members.

Yahoo marketing changes miff members. The Web portal is finding out the hard way that its Web users detest change–especially to policies concerning bulk e-mail pitches. [CNET]

I got the news from one of the Yahoo mailing lists I’m subscribed to. I’m pissed. I plan to stop shopping at Yahoo’s stores and I will never do business with anyone who advertises on Yahoo. I think it’s time to look for someplace else to host mailing lists.

One response to “Yahoo marketing changes miff members.

  1. Does anyone have the home addresses for any of the marketroids at Yahoo? I would be happy to create a couple bogus yahoo accounts with their home addresses listed. Why I would be even happy to modify the addresses on multiple accounts so it'll be hard for them to filter them.
    You know, like using a 0 (zero) instead of O (oh).