Ren and Stimpy return with

Ren and Stimpy return with 9 new episodes in 2003!

05-16-2002 09:35 PM

by Matt Wilson

TNN originally made the announcement of a brand new adult-animation

block on their network to launch in 2003. It would be featuring

cartoons like Stripperella, Gary the Rat, and, what seemed to be the

biggest surprise, Spumco’s Ren and Stimpy..

It was then mentioned by Jerry Beck at Cartoon Research that TNN was

in talks with John Kricfalusi to direct new episodes.

And now, the deal has been secured.

John K. signed a deal with TNN this Tuesday to direct not only 9

half-hour episodes of Ren and Stimpy, but even a made-for-TV movie as


Beck reports that John is already at work on the storyboarding, but

there is no information as to whether Billy West will be called back

to play the role of Stimpy, or a replacement actor will be found.

So gather together your magic nose goblin collection, your “Don’t Whiz

on the Electric Fence” home game, and your local circus midget, and

get set to enjoy Ren and Stimpy all over again, next year! Joy!

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