Devin Powell's car wouldn't start

Devin Powell’s car wouldn’t start this afternoon, because he left his headlights on all day while he was at school. So we pushed the little mercury all around the parking lot (and pretty damn fast too) before realizing you can’t start an automatic that way (apparently). So he got jumped. But now Layne can’t find out where those jumper cables jumped off to… [Jeremiah Rogers Weblog]

That was never a problem with my 1995 Toyota Corolla. I left my headlights on all the time, and as soon as I removed my key from the ignition & opened my door, it would automatically turn off the headlights. That was a great feature, and I got used to just leaving them on and not thinking about it.

Unfortunately, that changed with my 2003 Corolla. They added daylight running lights & it now has an alarm if I forget to shut the headlights, but they removed that auto shutoff feature. I’ll have to get used to thinking about turning the headlights on & off again.

Other than that, I love my new car. It’s bigger than the 95 model & a lot more comfortable.

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