What's left of the right

What’s left of the right and what’s right on the left: EPO ratings, v2.0. We call ourselves and others “left-wing” or “right-wing” all the time. Yet these are two of the most abused terms in political speech. What do they mean, really? Are liberals left-wing, as Americans would say, or extreme right-wing as Austrians would tend to think about them?ÊWas Stalin left-wing or right-wing? How about Tony Blair? Bill Clinton? Left/right doesn’t really make sense. Here’s an attempt at an alternative way of labelling political beliefs. [note: This is a re-write of the story by the same title. Thanks for all the comments.] [kuro5hin.org]

Interesting article. Although I’m a member of the LP, I sometimes think they’re a bit too extreme. I guess I actually come closest to Classical European liberalism, EPO = 254. An extreme Libertarian is 155.

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