LINK – To Work in Korea, Part

NOTE TO ANYONE COMMENTING OR ASKING QUESTIONS ABOUT THIS: I am merely linking to an article someone else wrote at a different site which I have nothing to do with. I know nnothing about the subject beyond what’s in the article. I wrote this entry when I was at a very low point in my life feeling burned out and looking for a change. I was toying with the idea as a possible way out of my slump.

To Work in Korea, Part I. In an attempt to add some adventure to my life, as well as preventing myself from totally wasting my summer in some loser job, I found myself an English teaching position for the summer in South Korea with no teaching credentials. I have been keeping regular diary entries of my adventures which have received a lot of positive feedback. Under suggestion, I have written this as a guide and introduction to life in Korea. The first of two parts is a HOWTO on employment in Korea. The second will cover Korean culture and lifestyle. []

Hmm… this sounds very interesting. I’m getting pretty disgusted with the US, and this sounds like something I would enjoy.

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