I've been spending the last

I’ve been spending the last few hours looking at Mail. I really love the look & feel of it – it’s the cleanest email client I’ve ever seen and has lots of really nice features. Unfortunately it’s horribly slow when you have a lot of mail in one mailbox. I used Eudora Mailbox Cleaner to import my email from Eudora. My carbon development list folder had over 6000 messages from this year (I archived everything before this year), and when I open that folder in Mail it takes close to a minute of spinning cursor on my G4/500. Eudora opens that folder immediately. There’s also no easy way to export mail to Eudora or anything else. Even though the format is supposedly the same, Eudora won’t open Mail’s mbox files (maybe changing the file type to text would work).

What I’m thinking of doing is using Mail.app for my normal use, having it keep messages on the server (note that if you use IMAP, it will delete messages from the server if you filter it to a different mailbox), and running Eudora every few days to download mail to be archived.

Here’s what Mac Net Journal wrote on the same subject:

With the release of the new version of Mail which is bundled in Mac OS X 10.2, I am taking yet another look at Apple’s default email application. I am trying to use it off and on today, but so far I am being pushed back to my favorite email application PowerMail by:

  • Mail’s lack of keyboard navigation between the mailbox pane and message pane.

  • Difficulties creating new Rules in Mail compared to other email applications (Why do I have to go into Preferences to create a Rule rather than being able to Control-click on a message and create a new Rule based on that specific message?)

  • The relative slowness of the Mail interface, such as the delay when selecting a large mail box between the selection and actual display of the messages.

I am pleasantly surprised with the Junk Mail features of Mail, and things have improved with the program in general. I still miss labels in the Mail program, but I can see getting around that limitation with filtering or a set of mailboxes that reflect the labelling system I use in other email applications. The jury is still out… [Mac Net Journal]

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