I signed up for a

I signed up for a .Mac account, but only for the first year at $49 – I most likely won’t renew when it costs $99. I downloaded .Mac slide show, Backup 1.2, and Virex.

I created a slide show that other .Mac members can subscribe to as their screen saver under username mike3k. It’s mostly pictues of “cody”.

Backup 1.2 works with my external QPS Que FireWire CDRW. It doesn’t recognize my internal DVD-RAM. I tried to do a backup, which it estimated at one CD. After 3 CDs, I aborted the backup. Backup then crashed, and whenever I ran it, it would crash. Rebooting cured that.

I find that DragThing 4.3.1 crashes every time at startup when it’s launched from login items. When I relaunch it manually, it doesn’t crash.

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