Thanks to Josef Wankerl I

Thanks to Josef Wankerl I was able to recover that file. It seems that if the flattened resource file also has a “real” resource fork, Constructor gets confused and tries to use resources from the resource fork.

I still found lots of problems with flattened resource files in Constructor. Doing a save is like playing Russian roulette – after I save some of my layouts would end up corrupted or changes wouldn’t be saved.

I think I might be better off just working with real resource files and saving as a flattened file just to check into my CVS repository.

This is why resource forks (as well as types & creators) have to go. Some applications use them and others don’t, and some get completely screwed up by their presence or absence. As long as they’re supported halfway, we’re going to have these kinds of problems. Apple needs to bite the bullet and either support them all the way or get rid of them completely.

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