I received this email from

I received this email from Joyce Tracy. Any lawyers who are reading this, please contact her or let them know at derekandalexking.org.

Yes I am please with the wait in the sentencing,Ê we are tryng to get some

other legal issues in the case worked out.

This is was very complex case even before the trial began. but it seems that

no one is interested in knowing the real truth.Ê I may have already said

that.Ê Anyway about them signing their rghts away…last week a man from CA

called to tell me of his interest in the case.Ê He does documentries about

children and help get families back together.Ê This is his first of this

nature but it intriged him so much that he called.Ê After talking to me, he

asked if I would give him an interview if he came to Pensacola.Ê He was here

today and told me that until he talked to me he wasn”t sure if wanted to do

this, but after hearing what I had to say about some of the legal issues, he

just had to come.Ê He will be back in Oct. to finish it up.Ê I don’t usually

give interviews, but I felt that I should do this one.Ê ( I also did a

People’s magazine thing which should be released Oce 10).ÊÊ The reason I’m

telling you all of this is the fact about the boys signing thier rights

away.Ê I told that in my statement and also about when Rick and Reggie the

deputy sheriff who is also a friend of Rick, took the boys to the police

station, they both knew what they were doing to the boys, not to have a

family member present and especially legal council.Ê I only live 4 blocks

from the Sheriff’s Dept.Ê And Rick know where I live.Ê My son Greg called

down there, he heard it from a policeman who works as a security guard at my

sons work.Ê He was told that if they needed him they would call.Ê He left

work right then and went down there but no one would let him in,Ê altho the

banged on the door for a long time and stood outside even longer.Ê And that

was before the boys statements were even started.Ê How could the legal

document hold when one is so young.Ê That’s the big question.Ê I’m asking

every one that I e-mail about the boys if they know of a good attorney or

private invertigator who wants to take a very complicated.case pro bona,

please tell him to contact me.Ê This is national so he can live anywhere and

be of service.Ê Any takers?

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