I finally caught up with

I finally caught up with all of this week’s new account requests at mymacmail.com, and I’ve temporarily disabled new account signup. I now have 142 mailboxes, and while BounceWeb allows “unlimited” mail accounts on a reseller account, I don’t know at what point they’ll decide I’ve gone over the line and created too many.

I also won’t have a chance to deal with account signups for the next two weeks since the other programmer I’ve worked with for almost a year and who I’ve never met in person until now, is coming to visit next week, and the following week I’ll be out of town for a long weekend.

Although it doesn’t require any effort on my part to provide POP3 & IMAP accounts, since I already have those services running on my BounceWeb reseller account, plus they even provide IMP for webmail. The only programming I had to do for mymacmail.com was the signup form, which simply emails me the information that I have to enter into the Plesk control panel. I didn’t bother trying to figure out how to automate account creation (which seems to require administrative access to the Plesk software), which is OK if I only get a few requests, but I didn’t count on having to spend a lot of time manually creating accounts. Thankfully, once the account is created, it doesn’t require any further maintenance.

After I’m over this crush in a few weeks, I plan to re-enable account signup but only allow a limited number of POP/IMAP accounts. After that, I’ll only allow forwarding accounts, which put less load on the server and don’t use any storage.

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