Synchronizing computers with iSync. After

Synchronizing computers with iSync. After installing iSync on my iBook, I was able to sync it with my G4, which I had previously tested iSync on. While the sync went very smoothly, it’s less useful than it could have been, since it’s tied to .Mac. [MacMegasite]

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DUH! How often are you gonna be carrying both computers around with you! Syncing via .Mac is the only way that makes sense…you can sync any macs together(home and work) all you need is an internet connection- if you don’t have an internet connection, you shouldn’t be passing comment.

At no point did Apple say that it would offer File synchronizing- so why are you pissed off that it doesn’t do that?

Try SynchronizeX butthead.

I do use Syncrhonize X. I was just pointing out that iSync doesn’t do file synchronization. Also, when the two machines are on the same netwrk, it should be possible to sync them directly instead of having to go through .Mac.

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