Carter wins Nobel Peace PrizeOnly

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Carter wins Nobel Peace Prize

Only the third US President to receive the Nobel Peace Prize, after Theodore Roosevelt and Woodrow Wilson, Jimmy Carter had an imperfect presidency, followed by a lengthy career as an ambassador for peace on behalf of the United States. His political fortune rose in the aftermath of the two humiliating defeats for the US, the war in Vietnam, and the Watergate scandal and Ford’s pardon of Nixon. Carter was the first presidential candidate I voted for. Like many others, I came to see him as a weak president, but in later years came to appreciate his values of honesty, hard work, and an uncompromising sense of what’s right. It’s unfortunate that his award was tainted by politics from the awarding committee, but the award stands on its own. As an American I am proud that Jimmy Carter, who represents what’s good about my country, is this year’s Nobel Laureate. [Scripting News]

Carter became a great statesman after he left office, and is one of the very few ex-presidents who actually did good work instead of trying to make money from his office. I really hope Carter tries to negotiate peace with Iraq – I think he’s one of the few people who could do it.

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