BounceWeb has been down since

BounceWeb has been down since about 3PM this afternoon, which affects macmegasite & worldbeatplanet. I’m moving both sites to my reseller account, which is still up. I’m using backups of the database from last night, so all statistics & anything posted since then has been lost. I’ve changed the DNS servers for WorldBeatPlanet, but I haven’t changed macmegasite yet. If it comes back up, I can simply point it to the database on the new server.

I’m reluctant to switch to the new server because I’ll lose shell access, subdomains don’t work, and the SMTP server doesn’t seem to be able to send mail.

I’m thinking of switching to, although I’m paid a year in advance at BounceWeb. If I switch, I risk losing my reseller account (which I’m using to host I’ll most likely make the switch when my year is up, since it costs about the same & they seem pretty reliable – the administrator of that site is also the administrator of

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