Condo Board Meeting

I went to the condo board meeting tonight. It was mostly a waste of time. Last month they had a vote whether to allow cats (I think about half the people here own cats even though it wasn’t allowed). The vote was 93-26 in favor, with about 40 votes yet uncounted.

They’re also talking about permanently closing the gate between the two buildings because too many non-residents were cutting through as a shortcut. We have 2 entrances & the one near my building is on a dead-end street that’s only easily accessible if you’re travelling east on Oakland Park. If you’re travelling west, you need to go an extra block & make a U-turn to enter here. I always used the entrance on the other side, since it’s a lot more convenient. If I’m coming from the center of Wilton Manors, I would need to drive pretty far out of the way to enter near my building, so I’ll probably just park in a guest spot on that side.

Although the community is about equally divided between young families & singles and elderly people, the condo board consists entirely of elderly women except for one young man. I think we need a new board that reflects the makeup of the community better.

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