Gates gives $100m to fight HIV, $421m to fight Linux

From The Register:

In addition to the much trumpeted $100 million Billg has donated to India’s fight against HIV, he’s funding the Microsoft jihad against Linux to the far more impressive tune of $421 million. That means that Linux is more than four times worse than AIDS to Billg and his happy Redmond family. God forbid any of them should learn the bitter truth the hard way and start talking sense.

Billg’s personal $100 million goes to health initiatives over ten years, while $421 million of Microsoft’s money goes, over a mere three years, to support MS-friendly development and ‘educational’ initiatives. And being a monster MS shareholder himself, a ‘Big Win’ in India will enrich him personally, perhaps well in excess of the $100 million he’s donating to the AIDS problem. Makes you wonder who the real beneficiary of charity is here.

Oh, and let’s not forget the five, count ’em, five, vanity puff-pieces appearing in the New York Times this week glorifying Billg’s generosity, one of which he wrote himself. That’s worth quite a lot too, in PR brownie points for both him and his company. It’s far better than free advertising; it actually looks like news and therefore has immensely more persuasive value.

Interestingly, the NYT neglected to mention the gargantuan MS marketing tie-in and obvious bribe against, and obstacle to, Linux adoption in India. Certainly they’ve been falling all over Gates in their eagerness to give him ink, so we’re at a terrible loss to explain why they could find no place, among those thousands of words, to plug in a brief mention of the $421 million in anti-Linux ammo he’s delivering.

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