I'm back

I got back from my trip to Philadelphia at almost 1AM and I’m still exhausted. It was a success.

The problems the school district were having were caused by incorrect file ownerships & permissions (which the installer script now fixes) as well as their internet gateway going down.

One of the reasons we went was because it wasn’t calling into the server, even if it was run manually. At the end of the day they finally told us Verizon was working on their internet gateway so it kept going down.

I really hate flying. I’m not at all afraid – I don’t think it’s any more dangerous than it was before 9/11 – I just hate the extra delays and hassles. I even noticed on the tickets they’re now charging an extra $10 9/11 fee. At least this time the delays weren’t too bad. I also hate being stuck in an uncomfortable seat for an hour or more, usually behind a jerk who likes to lean all the ways back so I can’t even open my tray to use my iBook.

I found that there was a wireless network identified as “airpath” in the Airtran terminal at Philadelphia airport. I had a very strong signal – 4 bars – and I had a valid DHCP-assigned IP address in the 192.168.1.x range, but no DNS servers and I couldn’t get online.

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