Windows: a Disney ride gone bad

First exposure to Windows

Chuq has a friend who is working with Windows XP for the first time. Her reaction: It looks like the UI was designed by the Disney people who brought us all the really bad films when they were in the “what would Walt do” stupid-cute–kawaiiiiii mode. It looks like something you’d run on a toy. Chuq’s response: Windows: It’s like “it’s a small world” when the ride breaks down and you’re stuck next to Sweden” That hit a bit close to home as I actually was stuck in the Small World ride at Disney for almost 40 minutes. This ocurred 3 years ago, so the memory– the terror– is still fresh in my mind. I have tried to use Windows on a semi-regular basis mostly because I either have to or because I simply want to keep up on what Redmond is lumping into the OS these days. I can honestly say that trying to use Windows for any length of time makes me physically ill. It becomes so blatantly obvious that the “user experience” was created with zero consideration for the user. Thanks, Chuq, now I have a rather painful soundtrack to go with Windows. [bbum’s rants, code & references]

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