CVS Problems

I’m looking for a good reliable cross-platform CVS alternative that will run as a server on Mac OS X.

I have the CVS repository for my project on my B&W G3, but I’ve been having various problems with it. I’m always able to log in successfully, but other users report authentication failures. I have CVS use its own password file and I copied the encrypted password from netinfo after insuring that he was able to log in successfully, yet that user was still getting authorization failures.

2 responses to “CVS Problems

  1. I've heard good things about Subversion (link). However, I had trouble getting it up and running (it requires a lot of unix packages).

    As for staying with CVS, I would suggest setting up CVS to run over SSH (sounds like you have a pserver now, right?). That's worked well for a distributed project I'm on right now, it's secure, and actually easier to set up then a pserver.

  2. Subversion definitely works well enough now, and you can see it running on OS X at
    Search back through the archives of my blog, I've been talking about it for months. Most of the packages it needs, except for Apache2 are in Fink.