PGP 8.0

I purchased PGP 8.0 Personal this morning, and when I clicked on the download link provided, the download didn’t work. I’ve emailed and called every support address and haven’t been able to reach a live human and I haven’t heard back from anyone there. I’m starting to get a bit upset.

3 responses to “PGP 8.0

  1. I tried to download the free version and it didn't work either. I almost bought the full version — I will once the d/l get's working.

    Sorry to hear you're having problems. 🙁

  2. I was just able to download it. I finally talked to someone and he told me they were having problems with downloads due to heavy demand.

  3. Just googling around, seeing how many other bloggers have used PGP. I played with 8.0 freeware and stepped up to Personal too, though I find I use the hotkeys mostly and that was already free (rather than the disk utilities and Outlook/OE plugins). You should post your public key on your site!