Welcome to the Honor System

aNOnym reCOrds is offering an Honor System license for lifetime personal use of their recordings:

To completely bypass the corrupted marketplaces for the distribution of
sound and ideas, let us be the first, (I think), company to offer you the
ability to pay online for a legal license to copy our recordings at home,
using our product, (or a legal copy of our product), as your source.
If you don’t own one of our CDs, but like the music, this is your chance to
legally copy your friend’s version of our product. No kidding.
To all of you who have purchased our products online or at a store, take
note, the following license applies to you. You own the product, and you
get to use it for life.

Read the license here:

It gives you permission to make copies in any form for
your personal use, for your entire life, and permission to let others copy
the product, should they agree to pay for the license.
We hope you tell your friends to make a copy of your aNOnym reCOrds Mapfumo
CDs and get the license by paying for it online, or by sending us the money.

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