Good news/ bad news

Yesterday was a good news/bad news day.

First the bad news. There’s a lot of construction in my neighborhood, which means a lot of trucks & construction equipment. As I was going out to lunch, an oversized truck attempted to turn on to my block as I was leaving. He didn’t see me & I quickly pulled into a driveway to get away from him. He still managed to scrape the rear bumper of my new 2003 Toyota Corolla. Here’s how it looks.


Now for the good news. I finally received my final paycheck from Microbytes for the end of October. It was dated Nov. 12 and only mailed out Monday. So far Absolute has paid me on time for both pay periods since I became an employee, and they now have direct deposit working. I’m still doing the same work, but now I get paid on time for it.

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