They would like to move the source control for my project from CVS to Visual SourceSafe, which I think is a very bad idea. There is no longer a currently supported VSS client for the Mac & I can’t access the VSS server through the VPN connection from my Mac. One suggestion is to access everything from a shared folder on my PC (which happens to be a very slow ThinkPad), which would be painfully slow.

3 responses to “CVS vs. VSS

  1. Wow, that's a horrible idea. VSS is widely known for corrupting itself at the slightest breath. I've never known anyone to switch FROM another SCM to VSS.

    Subversion ( is quite usable at the moment as a CVS replacement – I use it for my free-time development and am about to move my research work there too. But what exactly is the problem with CVS that is causing your employer to want to move to VSS?

  2. The Windows programmers are used to using VSS and all of the other projects are in VSS, so they'd like to integrate my code with it. They may also have a problem with the CVS database being at my remote location instead of in house.