Eminem crisis averted

My neighbor doesn’t approve of her 8 year old grandson listening to Eminem, which is the only thing he wants to listen to. Thanks to LimeWire everyone’s happy now.

Skye spends a lot of time on my computer downloading & listening to Eminem songs and then having me burn a CD for him. His mother doesn’t mind, but his grandmother doesn’t want him listening to it (she’s pretty cool about most things).

Everyone agreed on a compromise of letting him listen to the “clean” versions of the songs. I could either find some free sound editor that would let me “bleep” out the objectionable words, or download clean versions.

After a few hours of searching with LimeWire I was able to find “radio edits” of most Eminem songs and even an instrumental version of “Lose Yourself”, which is his favorite.

I burned a CD with the clean versions & everyon’s happy now.

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