iBook or TiBook

My friend Justin bought a new 1 GHz TiBook a few days ago.

I plan to replace my 500 MHz iBook Dual USB in a few months and I’m trying to decide whether to get a new 800 MHz iBook (or whatever Apple introduces Tuesday) or a TiBook, which will then become my primary system.

Right now I use my G4/500 AGP Minitower as my primary system and sync it to my iBook before I travel. The iBook is a wonderful machine to travel with, but I find it painfully slow. Also, keeping all of the installed applications on both machines up to date is a pain. Having one machine as my primary system which is also my travel machine would make that a lot easier.

The TiBook is also a lot faster than my current G4 minitower, so it would definitely be fast enough to be my primary system. However, laptops are less comfortable to work with (although an external keyboard & monitor would help). I also don’t like the TiBook’s limited Airport range & fragile case.

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