Serratia Marcesens and Project 112

Project 112 was a secret, cold-war era project to determine vulnerabilities of US warships to various chemical and biological attacks. While lots is known about what happened, there’s still a lot of information that hasn’t been released yet.

In the early 1950s, the US Army sprayed the bacteria Serratia Marcesens over San Francisco. While the government thought that it was safe, many people ended up checking into the hospital. One elderly man even died as a result of the US testing chemical and biological agents against it’s own citizens. []

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    If you like Stephen King, youíll LOVE this one! Itís been giving me sleepless nights for three decades.

    Thereís a worldwide uproar concerning the whereabouts of Saddamís Weapons of Mass Absorption. He used Bio-Chemical Weapons on 250 Kurd villages in 1988 and admitted to having plenty more after Gulf War I. The rest is, as they say, ìHistory.î Youíd be terrified from a large scale Bio-Chemical assault here. Remember that unsolved Anthrax Attack right after 9-11?

    Letís say 10,000 or more Americans were to succumb to exposures of Anthrax, Plague, Venezuelan Equine Encephalitis, Tularemia, Coxiella Burnetii, deadly manmade gasses such as Sarin, VX & Tabun, or hallucinogenic substances like BZ Gas. Some would die horribly from convulsions and others would suffer slow, lingering deaths and beget deformed and disabled children for generations. Youíd be aghast at the debilitating cerebro-vascular, respiratory and painful skin ailments running amok in your neighbors. Youíd demand immediate reprisals against the perpetrators and expect the best health care and compensation for the families who lost loved ones, just like 9-11, right?

    No you wouldnít.

    If you were in the U.S. Congress or White House right now you wouldnít lift a finger to address this situation. Youíd just cover it up and look away. Youíd make it impossible for the victims to even apply for Federally funded assistance.

    Oh, yes you would! Thatís EXACTLY whatís happening in Congress today.

    Perhaps you missed the attack because the very same people who funded that activity now hide it from your view? The U.S. Government planned, funded, executed and denied the attacks.

    ìWhat Bio-Chemical attacks? When did this happen? Youíre joking, right? You just made this up to get my attention!î

    ìUnfortunately, not.î

    From 1962 to 1973, the CIA, DOD, and Smithsonian Institution participated in Project 112/SHAD, during which more than 10,000 U.S. Servicemen became human test rats for the above-mentioned substances and more. At:… and You will confirm that the Americans who suffered these injuries and losses are treated exactly as described, documented by the Veterans Administration, Department of Defense, and Journal of the History of Biology. [Well, at least youíll get the current ìofficial versionî.]

    Project 112 was the land-based component of the Bio-Chemical Weapons experiments, exercised in Civilian surroundings in: Maryland, Georgia, Florida, Panama, Puerto Rico, California, Alaska, Hawaii, Utah and Canada. Marine Jets, Army surface ships & tugboats, and at least one Navy submarine executed Project SHAD [Shipboard Hazard & Defense] at sea near Nova Scotia, California, Hawaii, and the Marshall Islands.

    Robert McNamara sold this program to JFK & LBJ at the cost of $4 Billion 1962 dollars and 10,000 American lives over 10 years. Every session of Congress since then has funded some form of this activity under the guise of ìnational securityî. How secure do YOU feel right now?

    The current VA ìSHAD Protocolî is designed to further prevent the Veterans involved from acquiring VA Benefits. The Veteran is required to supply his Medical Records for before, during and after SHAD to establish his ìservice connectionî. That sounds reasonable. Too bad the NSA, CIA, & DOD wonít release the necessary ìclassifiedî documents.

    House Resolution 5060 & Senate Bill 2704, ìThe Veterans Right to Know Act of 2002,î were initiated in the 107th Congress to alleviate that situation. Theyíve since been shuffled off to various sub-committees with only superficial hearings. H.R.2433, known as ìHealth Care for Veterans of Project 112/Project SHAD Act of 2003î, was referred to the Senate on 9-11-03, a rather fitting date to address the problems of fallen Americans. Itís curious that vast majority of Congressmen whoíve sponsored these Bills are Democrats, yet Max Baucus, ìMontana Veteransí Senatorî has ignored my pleas while Conrad Burns and Denny Rehberg have helped dispel the cloud of
    Cold War Secrecy and acquire critical data.

    Iím just one of at least six Montana SHAD/112 Veterans, four from the Flathead Valley. Furthermore, over 35,000 GIís have perished since Gulf War I and 165,000 have been granted VA Disability Claims for illnesses due to Bio-Chemical and Depleted Uranium exposures in Iraq. Please urge your Congressmen to resolve this impasse.

    My Sincere Thanks on Behalf of the SHAD/112 Veterans Nationwide,

    J.B. Stone, ETN-2, USN, Project SHAD 1969
    900 Wisconsin Avenue, Whitefish, Montana 59937
    406-862-7514, 862-8739 – message

  2. please tell me more about this and how serratia marcesens was used on us Vets, cause I am one of these and so is my husband.