7AM Pacific. Just heard a report on…

7AM Pacific. Just heard a report on NPR that some kind of Internet-wide denial of service attack is underway. They quote Microsoft saying it’s serious. If you have more information on what’s going on, esp Web pages I can point to, please post a comment on my Radio weblog. Thanks. [Scripting News]

More information here:

Oliver Friedrichs, a senior manager with Symantec, said the “SQL” worm was taking advantage of a vulnerability detected six months ago in Microsoft sequel servers, used mainly by companies to store information.

Friedrichs said businesses, rather than home users, would be affected by the worm, which was similar but not as serious as the “Code Red” worm. Code Red swept through hundreds of thousands of computers in a single day in July 2001.

Yet another reason to avoid Microsoft SQL Server and use MySQL.

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