Opera whiners

“I’m not a quitter, and our company isn’t a quitter, but it really is up to Apple,” said Jon von Tetzchner, chief executive of privately held Opera. “The Mac platform may not be viable for us any longer.”

This is ridiculous – Opera blames Safari for the failure of it’s browser. Even before Safari, Opera sucked, and was lagging behind iCab, Omniweb, IE, Mozilla and Chimera in features. [Xspot]

I looked at Opera when it was released, and there’s no way to say it nicely: it just plain sucks. It’s fast, but not faster than Chimera or Safari. It’s also by far the ugliest & quirkiest browser I’ve ever seen. It has more gratuitous toolbars than a Microsoft product. It also doesn’t look or work like any other browser I’ve ever used.

Chimera is still my favorite browser. Safari has too many problems that make it unusable for me (notably the problem logging into PHP-Nuke sites).

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