Surviving chemical, biological and nuclear attacks

“Your defense is as always to not panic.” I have no way to evaluate this guy’s credentials or the validity of his advice–the host site seems a bit wonky, to put it mildly–but he provides a pithy, duct-tape-free, and oddly comforting counterpoint to some of the official recommendations on surviving chemical, biological and nuclear attacks. []

I think the “orange alert” is pure bullshit. I’m more afraid of our own government starting World War III with an unprovoked attack on Iraq than I am about any terrorist attacks.

I’m not doing anything different. I plan to go on with my life as usual. I’m also NOT going to get vaccinated against smallpox since I don’t believe there’s any threat. More people will die of the vaccine than they would even if we were attacked, which is even less likely than being struck by lightning or winning the lottery. Plus, I don’t believe that Iraq, Al Qaida, or Korea have Smallpox bioweapons.

I’m not going to go along with the government fear-mongering.

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