Important MT 2.6 Update

Due to a vulnerability that’s been discovered in the file, it’s imperative that any installation of 2.6 be upgraded immediately.

Download the new file here:

And replace the version on your server at lib/MT/

Note: If you have yet upgraded to 2.6, you may disregard this message and upgrade to 2.61 at any time.

[from Mena Trott to the MT-Users mailing list]

2 responses to “Important MT 2.6 Update

  1. FYI: It's up to 2.62 now. I have no idea what is critical besides the file, but the changelog made it seem like upgrading was a "good thing." Everything seems to be working on my site.

  2. I noticed this too. I'm still at 2.51, maybe I'll hold off on upgrading for a little while longer. I also noticed they feel a beta might be prudent for future versions. Another security issue was introduced with 2.61.