Papa Wemba arrested

Popular Zairean musician Papa Wemba was arrested in Belgium.

Here’s a rough translation from Sherlock:

The parquet floor of Brussels did not know yet, Wednesday morning,
which – authorities legal Parisian or of Brussels would be in load of
the file of draft of the human beings concerning the singer congolais
Papa Wemba, indicated his spokesman Jos Colpin. The parquet floor of
Brussels can denounce the facts with its Parisian counterpart. There
is no yet decision, but the interests of Wemba Dad being mainly in
France, the business will be probably treated in Paris, explained Jos

The parquet floor of Brussels can indeed denounce the facts, i.e. to
forward to his/her Parisian colleagues the suspicions which weigh on
the singer congolais in Belgium. The examining magistrate of Brussels
Jean Coumans can also send a letter of request in Paris in order to
hear Papa Wemba on the facts which are reproached to him on our
premises. Monday evening, the singer and type-setter congolais was
stopped in Paris for draft of the being human.

Justice of Brussels the suspect one of similar facts on our premises.
About fifteen its musicians were indeed controlled at the time of
their arrival to the airport of Brussels-National in order to occur
next Saturday in Belgium. Among them, 11 people were repatriated
towards the democratic Republic of Congo (RDC). The four others lodged
a request for political asylum in Belgium. As of their arrival on the
Belgian ground, these congolais were to be accomodated by an
intermediary charged to gather the voyage and identity papers. This
last was challenged and placed under warrant for arrest by the
examining magistrate of Brussels.

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