I've spent most of today moving stuff…

Dave Says:

I’ve spent most of today moving stuff from the house to the third dumpster. If the stuff in the house was that valuless, in a sense I was living in a dumpster. Most of the stuff I’m throwing away now, on shelves, in the house, had not been touched in years. I got a clue about this when I spent most of the last quarter of 2002 in New York. I did pretty well with a suitcase, knapsack, laptop and cellphone. There really wasn’t much more that I needed, or much more that I could even use. When I’m traveling I find I watch very little TV, I always have a book I’m reading, nothing like the 1000 books I keep at my house, most of which I’ve never read and never will. (The ones I read invariably I give away, because those are the ones I talk about.) Then the last few days with all the talk about commons vs property, and I realize I probably would be happier with a really nice room, a large one, with a deck and a hot tub, bathroom and shower, and access to a kitchen for the rare times I create a meal, and that’s about it. Having a car is nice, but I don’t need anything on the order of the kinds of possessions that have accumulated in this very nice house-dumpster. [Scripting News]

I can definitely identify with this. I’ve accumulated far too much stuff. All I really need is my PowerBook & my cell phone, yet I have 4 computers and far too many CDs (which I never listen to, since all of my favorites are ripped to MP3s and loaded in my iPod). I still have boxes that I didn’t unpack since I moved here last year.

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