No more MacWhispers?

Seen at MacWhispers:

MacWhispers was launched as an experiment, to see if information gained from OEM and ODM suppliers to Apple could be successfully converted into reliable advance product information. In other words, we wanted to know if tidbits of data picked up in conversation with people who work in Apple’s behind the scenes supply chain could be used reliably to predict Apple’s product releases. After a month, the answer seems to be a simple, “No.”

Because of the seemingly unreliable system we have been using to generate “rumors” here, and the near-absence of accuracy from that system, we are stopping all efforts to analyze Apple supplier information, and to convert that information into product release predictions. As counterintuitive as it seems to say that the people building Apple’s parts are not reliable information sources, that seems to be the case. So, we’re leaving the rumor game, and are proclaiming our month-long experiment as now completed.

Going forward, MacWhispers will remain as an opinion and discussion destination for anyone interested in dropping by the site. And, when some bit of information does come our way from the Apple supply chain, we may simply publish the information in raw form, drawing no conclusions of our own.

The reality is simply that, even if we had videotaped evidence that, for instance, 50,000 new iPods were sitting in a California warehouse, ready to ship, that fact would not guarantee that Apple would choose to announce or ship them on any particular date. Without being privy to actual Apple Computer information, no amount of third-party information can reliably predict Apple’s actions.

So, we offer a sincere thanks to all MacWhispers visitors. And, we hope you will continue to stop by from time to time as our content shifts away from a rumor-focused editorial scheme.

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