"Married by America"

A Fox television show where people who have been unable to find happiness agree to get married to perfect strangers picked for them by phone-in viewers. This is a real marriage, too — rings, “I do,” certificates, the whole nine yards.

Whenever you see this advertised, remind yourself that this is the institution that is so central to society, so crucial to morals and the advancement of the human race, that conservatives – including those on Fox News – propose may even need a constituaional amendement to insure that it never, ever, ever becomes possible for two people of the same gender to experience it.

Also note that these “Defense of Marriage” losers never, ever propose that people like these shouldn’t be allowed to marry – just maybe that these people should be prevented from getting divorced. In fact, conservatives in several states are trying to make divorces harder to get, to “strengthen” marriage.

So, let’s see: male-female couples can get married whenever, for whatever reason, and gain hundreds of legal rights and privileges, and conservatives are only concerned that they might stop being married. Same-gender couples can’t get married for any reason.

“Special rights” my hiney. [Life and Deatherage]

Yeah! I find those kind of shows extremely offensive, yet they don’t seem to bother the conservatives who are always screaming about the “sanctity” of marriage.

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