Jews against Israel

Neturei Karta, a Zionism-denouncing, Palestinian-embracing subculture within ultra-Orthodox Judaism, is suddenly sharing the spotlight in the antiwar movement. [Salon]

Although my family background is Jewish, I never considered myself Jewish. I rejected religion at a very early age and I’ve always considered myself more or less agnostic or atheist.

I don’t support Israel for a different set of reasons. First of all, the whole idea of a religious state, whether it’s Jewish, Chrsitian, or Islamic just plain bothers me a lot. Also, I don’t believe Israel is completely blameless in the conflicts. I see many cases under Sharon’s rule in which Israel attacks innocent Palestinians as the aggressor.

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  1. Mike-

    I completely and totally agree with you. I was born into a Christian household, but nobody is very religious at all. My grandmother is Jewish, my father Catholic, and my mother Greek Orthodox. I, too, rejected religion at a young age. I am completely opposed to Israel and its policies, and I think it is great when Jewish people speak out against it. Christians are not allowed to critisize Israel at all…or we will be labeled anti-Semites, which is an overused word. I have absolutely nothing against Jews…They are just like any other people in my eyes. I do, however, have a problem with Zionists. I agree with you, Mike, when you say that the idea of a religious state bothers you. It bothers me too…but there are some dangers behind it.

    Israel has the Star of David, the well known symbol which represents Judaism to many, on its flag, tanks, planes, etc. When the world sees Israel, they do not see a country…they see the Jews. Therefore, when an Israeli tank does something wrong, it is not Israel who did the wrong thing, it is the Jews…Israel will ultimately lead to a large uprising against the Jews…which I find very sad considering many Jews are opposed to Israel. I also feel Israel is creating a false nationalism in our country among Jewish youth who have not thought to question its policies.

    The US gives over $3 billion every year to Israel…and what have they ever given us in return. They use that money to give their citizens health benefits and other things (military) that even the United States doesn't have. Is it fair that our tax money is going to a foriegn country that does not benefit us at all…in fact, Israel is harming us and the rest of the world.

    Israel is illegally occupying the territories acquired in the 1967 war (Six Days War). There have been countless UN resolutions passed in attempt to get Israel out of the occupied territories…however, with the US and its money on Israel's side, it does not look like that will happen any time soon. The US support of Israel also goes against our own law…we can not support war criminals…and legally speaking, Israeli "settlers" are indeed war criminals. Kofi Annan recently referred to the Israeli occupation as "illegal" for the first time.

    It also seems that many Jewish youth in the country, as well as non-Jews, are being literally brainwashed into thinking that Israel can do no wrongs. This is completely false. Remember the "Summer of the Shark" a few years ago when the media made the public believe that there were so many shark attacks and that actually lowered the amount of people going to the beach? Well, those warnings were false…there were less sharks spotted that year than any other year in the previous decade. This shows how the public can easily be manipulated into believing media lies.

    Is there a reason most of the world hates the Jews right now? Yes, there is. It is not because of their religion or culture…it is because of Israel. Israel has made much of the world unhappy with the "Jews". It is unfortunate, becasue Israel is doing horrible things in YOUR name. Because you are a Jew, people see that star on their tanks and see YOU as doing it…not a country, but a religion. This world is going downhill…I personally think that Israel will either be overthrown or will drive us into another world war.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. I am an Iranian Shi'ite Muslim. When I see israel, I do not see Jews. The Naturae Karta are the real Jews in my eyes since Judaism forbids zionism. To me, the case of israel is the case of millions of Europeans picking up, dropping down on a portion of the Middle East, cliaming a chunk of land for themselves, and driving out the inhabitants.

    The Naturae Karta orthodox Jews, on the other hand, are a rightous and peaceful people with whom I would like to be friends.

    In my eyes, israel is a racist and anti-Jewish state. I do not blame the Jews for what israel does. I blame israel's atrocities on the mentallity derived from 19th century European imperialsim.

    I do not recognize israel's right to exist. israel's right to exist is a myth. I do, however, support the right of Jews to live in peace and safety. To that end, I would be willing to risk my life to protect Jews who are persecuted in the world.